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"My Deparment is one of the largest probation departments in California and we have begun the transition to external vest carriers made by The Vest Man. We made this decision for three basic reasons; first is we wanted our officers wearing their body armor more often and so we wanted them to be as comfortable and as efficient as possible, second, is that we wanted our officers to have some sort of uniformity while out in the field doing operations and lastly, this helps in our effort to help raise Probation's profile and be more easily and professonall identified in our community. Additionally, because we are not a uniformed department, the vest carriers have added a sense of "unity and team element" to our officers and I believe that has helped boost morale.

The Vest Man helped us design an outstanding configuration for our carriers and then came to all of our offices to personally fit our officers while has provided us with outstanding professional service. I highly recommend their product!"

Regina A. Wilson-Henry
Deputy Chief - Supervision Services
San Mateo County Probation


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"I have had lower back problems for years and all police officers know the weight of that duty belt with all them toys on it is a back killer. I have recently went to the external vest carrier and absolutely love it, everything is now off my belt and on my vest which took all the strain off my lower back. And the vest is extremely comfortable, easily took on and off for when your eating lunch or doing reports. I highly recommend the exterior vest to all law enforcement, I promise you will love it. And my experience with The Vest Man was awesome, very good customer service and very quick to answer any question I had. Not to mention I got the vest in about 4 weeks which I thought was great. Thanks Vest Man !!!"

Sgt. Eric Carlton
Mansfield Police Department

Many law enforcement agencies enjoy the additional comfort and enhanced safety that our Tactical Vest Carrier brings to their law enforcement professionals. Many departments allow their officers, detectives and special units to purchase and use our Tactical Vest Carrier in various capacities throughout their respective organization.

A partial list of our clients include:
The Los Angeles Police Department
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
York County, Pennsylvania Sheriff's Department
Torrington, WY Police Department
Nevada Highway Patrol DPS
Arizona Highway Patrol DPS
U.S. Marshals Service
U.S. Forest Service
Kentucky State Police Troopers
Mesa, AZ Police Department
Champaign, IL Police Department
Faribault, MN Police Department
Bradenton Beach, FL Police Department
Shoshone County Sheriff�s Office � Idaho
The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Parole)
L.A. IMPACT Task Force
Kingsville, TX Police Department
The California Department of Motor Vehicles
The Los Angeles County District Attorney�s Office
The Pasadena Police Department
The Redondo Beach Police Department
The Chico Police Department
The Stockton Police Department
The Concord Police Department
East Bay Regional Parks Police Department
Manhattan Beach Police Department
The Oceanside Police Department
The Las Vegas Police Department
The San Diego County Sheriff's Department
The Hawthorne Police Department
The Santa Monica Police Department
The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department
The Orange County Sheriff's Department
The Kern County Sheriff's Department